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"Universal Shafting?! The Shafting Of The Universe, Eh?" - That Deceitful Bohemian Delilah [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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"Universal Shafting?! The Shafting Of The Universe, Eh?" [Apr. 13th, 2003|08:16 pm]
That Deceitful Bohemian Delilah
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Yesterday I went to the city with my mom to see A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg. I heard it was going to be really depressing show so I was a bit hesitant at first to go see it, because I didn't want to get depressed and emotional. But, I'm so glad I went because it was such a brilliantly acted, amazingly written, and FUNNY show.

The American Airlines Theatre was checking everyone's bags, but they didn't do it very well. I just opened mine and they shined a flashlight in it, and that was it. Little did they know, I had one of their doorstops I stole, lurking at the bottom of my bag.

My mom and I had front row seats on the right side and there was a lady sitting next to my mom asking her about the perks of being a Roundabout subscriber. I don't remember how it was brought up, but we asked her if she saw Design For Living, and she goes, "Of course! I see everything Alan Cumming does." When she found out that I do too, she would NOT stop talking. We talked all about Cabaret and Elle and then she started talking about all these other shows that had nothing to do with Alan, and I was polite and made eye contact and talked, but let me tell you, I was SO relieved when she took it upon herself to change seats to be more toward the center.

That finally gave me a chance to read my playbill and check out the curtain which looked like a huge black board with stuff written all over it. On one part of it, it had the words, "Baby Jesus" and I started cracking up when I saw that. That was an inside joke for god knows how long.

Then the show started, and all the hype I've heard about Eddie Izzard was so warrented. The man is adorable! Him and his character were my favorite. I liked how in the beginning he kept flirting with his wife and telling her that he had been thinking of her and wanting her all day, lying beneath him with her legs "flailing about." But she was being a typical girl and making excuses, and at one point he's across the room and points at her and says all intensely, "Your husband wants you." Then he started humping the back of a chair. I also liked how his wife was supposed to have been promiscuous before she knew him and she mentioned some company called Universal Shafting and he goes, "Universal Shafting? That's the story of your life!" Despite all the hilarious parts though, it was a really...intense show, and everyone left the theatre kind of hushed and thoughtful. I would see it again though. I really enjoyed it.

So then we went home, and I went online. And I had a marvelous time with my love last night, which I'm actually really hoping to repeat tonight.

*mentally wills him to come online*
Wow! I can't believe it! It worked. There's my beautiful darling now..

[User Picture]From: gentlespirit
2003-04-13 06:42 pm (UTC)
You know....I had pretty much forgotten about the start of the show. I was so worked up by the end, that the laughs seemed so incredibly far away. It scared me. When I graduate I will also be certified to teach special education; I don't know what to do when I can't reach people.
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-13 08:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the end of the show was incredibly intense. I loved how hilarious the beginning of it was though, so I remembered that the most. Eddie Izzard rocks doesn't he? so cute.

You're going to teach special education?
Wow, I give you alot of credit for that.
That's something I don't think I could ever do.
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[User Picture]From: gentlespirit
2003-04-13 11:34 pm (UTC)
I thought that all of the acting really was great for the show. I couldn't really think of Eddie Izzard as cute, though, with the character. Interesting, and really good.....but not exactly cute, imo.

I don't want to teach special ed. Maybe I should.....but I don't want to. I'm doing early childhood ed, and with the way classrooms are now and mainstreaming, I have to take more classes and I'll end up with dual certification of early childhood and special ed. Which means more job oppertunities, except that I don't think I could really handle special ed.
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-14 12:22 am (UTC)
Eddie and Victoria definitely worked very well together, they had such good chemistry and timing with each other. I still thought he was cute though, I think I liked the character's immaturity and playfulness.

Teaching special ed would probably be so emotionally trying, I can't imagine. Especially for someone as loving and compassionate as yourself. It really would be alot to handle, I agree.
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From: whatalime
2003-04-13 08:07 pm (UTC)
We need to get in my car, park in your driveway...and make use of it.
*nods* Yes.
Yes....that's all =0)
*hugs and kisses you playfully*
I love you baby girl<3<3
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-13 09:07 pm (UTC)
Hehe oh yes, I'd love to make use of your car right about now.
My driveway though?
That may be a bit obvious, hehe, there are plenty of places around here that we can park and feel secluded.
*hugs you back tightly and holds your face, kissing you and biting your lower lip gently*
I love you more than life darling<3<3
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From: phreakychic
2003-04-13 08:38 pm (UTC)
Dude you never knew about Eddie Izzard until now?? Tsk, tsk kaitlin I am ashamed of you, he's awesome!
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-13 09:14 pm (UTC)
Wel, I knew of him, I just hadn't seen anything he's done.

Now I'm glad I have. He totally rocks dude, so cute. lol
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From: joobie
2003-04-13 11:38 pm (UTC)
Izzard rules my Canasta.

i have no idea what that means, except that he's very cool and very funny.

dude, you guys are all psychic. SIGHCHICK.
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-14 12:28 am (UTC)
He is very funny! What a riot.
Not far from you though my dear, you're a bit silly yourself! And that's a marvelous trait!

We are psychic though! It's so weird, for the past 3 days or so we've been thinking so much alike. I even predicted the position he was sitting in one day. Odd, but lovely. = )
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[User Picture]From: damiella
2003-04-14 09:30 am (UTC)
Oh, Eddie Izzard is just fabulously wonderful. You have great taste in men, lady!

I was curious about Joe Egg, but was hesitant about seeing what I heard was an intense drama for the reasons you mentioned. I did see Mr. Izzard live once, in the UK, about a year-and-a-half ago, hosting a benefit for Amnesty International, and he was terribly funny and charming and hot.

If you haven't already, we must sit you down for a viewing of Dress to Kill (which, oddly enough, I have a postcard for in my bag. I'm hoping management will not frown on seeing a photo of a man in drag pinned to my cubicle wall). And Shadow of the Vampire is another good one. Of course we can't forget Velvet Goldmine...
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-14 12:26 pm (UTC)
Why thank you! I've always thought I've had a great taste in men, yes! *grins* I happen to have the best one on the planet as my boyfriend.

I agree though, Eddie, from what I've seen is charming and funny and hot. You should definitely see Joe Egg. It's a bit intense, yes, because it's so very real, they use humor to cope with their problems though and overall I think it was just terribly funny, and I loved it. I'm glad I went.

Oo Velvet Goldmine, now there's a movie I've been meaning to see for the longest time now..
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[User Picture]From: damiella
2003-04-14 12:46 pm (UTC)

you haven't seen Velvet Goldmine??!

Oo Velvet Goldmine, now there's a movie I've been meaning to see for the longest time now..

Okay, if you lived in NYC, I would lend you my copy and make sure you watched it ASAP. I think you would really love it (worth it alone for the gorgeous visuals and boys in make-up, though sadly Eddie isn't one of them). The soundtrack is phenomenal too, possibly the best movie soundtrack I have ever heard (sooo catchy and melodic!).

Get thee to a video store! :)
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-14 06:59 pm (UTC)

Re: you haven't seen Velvet Goldmine??!

Hehe next time I go to the video store or the library Velvet Goldmine it is!

I've heard it's an awesome movie, so I'll just keep that in mind for renting purposes. = )
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