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My Damn Computer Froze And Made Me Rewrite This - That Deceitful Bohemian Delilah [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
That Deceitful Bohemian Delilah

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My Damn Computer Froze And Made Me Rewrite This [Apr. 16th, 2003|11:11 pm]
That Deceitful Bohemian Delilah
[Current Mood |flirtyflirty]
[Current Music |The Daily Show]

So who wants to make me some red Kool Aid? I'm thirsty and craving red Kool Aid. I was going to make some apple juice ice pops earlier today but I forgot. Huh, that just made me remember how I used to fill ice cube trays and wait for them to partially freeze, if you waited for the PERFECT amount of time, the inside of the ice would be all slushy and good, but if you waited a wrong amount of time, the insides would just have water and the surrounding ice would be really sharp. I used to sit at my kitchen table and eat those like candy in the summer.

I got about half an hour of sleep last night, but I was able to wake up this morning surprisingly easily. And for all of you who think that I am pessimistic, think again. My father asked me this morning if I needed to refill my water bottle and without even thinking about it I said, "No, it's still half full." Who the optimist? That's right, me!

We had the Hitler substitue in History today who screamed at us from the moment we came into class. We weren't allowed to talk at all and he yelled every time someone made the slightest noise. I HATE when people yell. He threatened one girl with a Saturday detention with him because she was whispering to her friend, asking about the assignment. Ugh, he's such a creepy guy. Our assignment was to draw a political cartoon and all of a sudden I hear this voice in my ear that scares the crap out of me and he goes to me, "That's very good." I said, "Um thanks," clearly irritated and not amused, so he left and went to bother some other students.

In French Ms. Albu tried to say the word, reminiscent, but she all the wrong emphasis on all the wrong syllables and I was the only one who could figure out what she said.

It was HOT today on the way home, and the heat plus my lack of sleep made me so drained by the time I got home. I just sprawled myself across my bed in my underwear and refused to move. My room is the hottest one in the house, I swear.

I eventually had to get up though and go to my voice lesson. I had on sandals and my teacher's dog licked my toes when I walked in the house. My teacher was mucking about with my posture and giving me the whole 'singing posture' talk for the billionth time. I find it amusing that all the strengh to support your breath is supposed to come from your abs, bum, thighs, and groin. "Use your groin," she says, "Use your groin!" "Belieeeeeeve me, I'd like to!!!," I think to myself.

Tonight was Passover. You know, that's one thing I miss about being friends with Jess. I liked going to her house for Passover every year and drinking grape juice and eating matza and watching all her crazy Russian relatives get drunk. And my father would come to pick me up and they'd talk him into doing some shots with them. Aah, but that's all past...over. Hah! *drums* That was so not funny.

What is making me smile though, is thinking about our conversation last night this morning. In the beginning you said you felt polite, and then comparing that to the last few im's you sent before you signed off. *grins* I like the contrast.

I want to take the day off tomorrow...but I have Friday off so I guess I won't but still,...I want to.

From: whatalime
2003-04-16 11:33 pm (UTC)
You talk like me now and I really, really like that.
I can't tell you how much I do.
hehe your voice teacher is beginning to sound like me too, she had better watch it..
I love you baby girl *kisses you slowly, playing with your hair, distracting you from everything else*
You should stay home tomorrow...
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-17 11:09 am (UTC)
Hehe now that you pointed that out, I do talk like you.
I had to scroll up to find which part you meant.
I didn't even realize when I typed it. = )
Why do you like it so much darling? hehe
And yes, she better watch it, there are other things I'd like to use my groin for..*looks directly at you and smiles*
I did decide to stay home today.
I slept the whole day away though, but at least now I'm well rested.
*hugs you tight and whispers in your ear "i miss you so much." kisses you back, moaning softly from your hands in my hair.*
I want you to distract me again.
I love you daddy, I miss you,
And you claimed me for the day.<3<3
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From: jkarkue
2003-04-17 07:15 am (UTC)
with regards to the hitler substitute, i reported him to the main office yesterday for making some seriously racist comments throughout class. god willing he'll never bother any of us again.
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-17 11:33 am (UTC)

Do you really? Awesome!
That guy is such an asshole.

What kind of things was he saying?
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[User Picture]From: damiella
2003-04-17 09:45 am (UTC)

I liked going to her house for Passover every year and drinking grape juice and eating matza and watching all her crazy Russian relatives get drunk.

lol! You can spend Passover at our place next year...
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-17 11:17 am (UTC)
Oo! Lovely!
How fun!! *smiles*
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[User Picture]From: wahooeddie
2003-04-17 10:21 am (UTC)
passover sucks... lol.. I hate it lol.. I don't get why the christians get all these spiffy like bunnies and lambs and colored eggs and shit, and I get matza.... we seriously need to get better PR... cause dammit I think we deserve eggs and jelly beans! haha... well I guess it's just another example of god hating the jews... sigh.. oh well...

OH... and I never had those apple juice thingies.. but I did have the same thing with OJ... haha.. that was the way our family worked.
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[User Picture]From: sexyscorpiochic
2003-04-17 11:21 am (UTC)
You do get eggs!...Well, a plain, raw egg...and a bone! And you get to sit with pillows at the dinner table. heh

You should try apple juice instead. Sooo tastey.
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